Carbide Rotary Blade Holder


Carbide Rotary knife for large production jobs


The Carbide Rotary knife is ideal for production jobs where a steel rotary may dull before completing a table run.  It uses a 28 mm, re-sharpenable, long-life carbide drag blade held in place by a magnetic-mount, replaceable axle.  For use on aramids and other abrasive materials, mainly sailmaking & aerospace, large patterns or production.

GREAT FOR CREASING:  use a dulled blade

Jeff from Medtronic says, “Hi Thomas, Thanks for your help the last few days. Everything seems to be running ok.  We tried using the not-so-sharp carbide roller blade for creasing. It works extremely well. Turned the pressure up to 40 psi and ran the plot twice. I think you should consider noting this approach on your web site.


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