Carbide Rotary Blade


28mm Carbide Rotary Blade


28mm Carbide Rotary Blade mount in the Carbide Rotary Blade holder.  The blades can be resharpened.  The carbide rotary blade is long-life for use on aramids and other abrasive materials, mainly sailmaking and aerospace, large patterns or productions. 

These blades continue to have life long after they are dull. A dulled blade is great for creasing: Jeff from Medtronic says, “Hi Thomas, Thanks for your help the last few days. We tried using the not-so-sharp carbide roller blade for creasing. It works extremely well. Turned the pressure up to 40 psi and ran the plot twice. I think you should consider noting this approach on your web site.”

20 pack = ($72/blade)


*please note all blades are non-refundable 


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