Ceramic Rotary Blade Holder


Ideal for hard-to-cut specialty fabrics or composites. Blades not included. Purchase ceramic rotary blades here.


28mm Ceramic Rotary Blades are very sharp and good for cutting composites, hard-to-cut aramids, and other expensive and or tough materials.

Holder for use with ceramic rotary blades only. Blades dull with time. Save more on your replacement blades by purchasing in 10 packs. Spend $2.25 less per blade.


I tested a spent [ceramic blade] on psi!  Dropped the cutting head @ 30 psi and it did not shatter!  They cut carbon like butter, Dimension Hydra-net!  Cut the Hydra-net 320 with 0 assist.  That was a Cambria 44 leisurefurl main.  I used the same blade to cut the Genoa for the Cambria in Hyrda-Net 380.  If you are not familiar with Hydra-Net, it is a highbred of Spectra and Dacron.  Its base is Dacron with Spectra ripstop.  Pretty tough stuff.  The carbon was a few sails.  One main for a Swan 46 and a set of sails for a Kanter 48.  All carbon sails where cut with the same blade.  Have not broken one yet!  Used 2 out of 5.  Will be reordering soon.
– Gary Leduc, Quatum Sails – Rhode Island


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