NestFab V3


NestFab automatically lays out parts quickly, efficiently, using sheets and criteria you specify.

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NestFab V3 provides a world-class automatic nesting engine with an intuitive easy to use interface. NestFab automatically lays out parts quickly, efficiently, using sheets and criteria you specify. The import wizard finds nestable parts within your CAD drawings and can even extract multiple parts drawn within a single cad file. NestFab autonests *.DXF files. If you are working with Carlson *.UC files, use the DXF importer/exporter to export your files as a *.DXF. Comprehensive help documentation along with dedicated customer support means you’ll be up and running in minutes not days!

For unparalleled nesting efficiency and decreased material waste we suggest NestFab V3 Ultra Performance, which outperforms all other nesting software by a significant margin. Where NestFab V3 will allow you to rotate parts, Ultra Performance allows for free rotation, as well as common line cutting and zero gap part spacing. These features all work together to provide most efficient part nests out there.

Download your 7 day free trial to see the application in action today!  When you are ready to buy, purchase through our shopping cart and we will send you an activation code.

New Features over V2:

  • Ultra Performance nesting efficiency improvements
  • Importer Improvements (support for AutoCAD 2013-2017, automatic removal of duplicate entities, dynamic end-point tolerance ensures parts import first time).
  • Basic Shapes Entry (Rectangle, Circle, Ring) without DXF file
  • Quoting data (Part Area, Cut Distance, No of Pieces/Entry Points) inc CSV export
  • Export of cleaned parts for smooth transferal to other software
  • Automation from ERP/MRP (extensive command-line, import automation via CSV, export automation)
  • 4K screen support
  • Trial Ultra in UP mode
  • Direct integration with OMAX IntelliMax
  • Nesting stability improvement in standard nesting
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes and UI Improvements


Just completed cutting out an all radial sail close to 40 panels / 3 tables full.  Interesting it nested really well in NestFab, not sure I could have done any better and maybe NestFab gets a better outcome for the sail as it tends not to over rotate panels to squeeze into spots that you might try in a manual nest.  The whole experience was good right through all parts of the design and cutting out.

– Peter Green Sails, Seaford Australia 2013

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