Swivel Sign Knife



The Kiss-Cut, Swivel Knife is designed to mount in your multi-tool head’s pen holder — without any tooling. It is great for any adjustable depth cutting, including sign vinyl. Since the swivel knife mounts in the pen holder, it can operate in the same production run as your standard tangential blade holders. It uses disposable sign blades, available in a variety of blade angles. Don’t forget to order replacement blades.

“I used the Sign Swivel Knife, slipping this onto the cutter was easy, taking care to slide the material under the point of the blade which is set just through the plastic cover and with the pressure set at about 10 to 12lbs . I was impressed at how smoothly it cut out the letters.” Peter, Green Sails, 2011


*please note all blades are non-refundable 


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