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Hull Designer, a simple, interactive, visual 3-d hull design Windows program for modeling and developing panels for hard chine construction. Find Center of Boyancy, Center of Lateral Area, Length Waterline, and righting moment (pitched or heeled) among other calculations. Create patterns for stem, stern, bulkheads, up to 10 chines, and up to 8 frames for construction. Includes a 3, 4, or 5 sheet nesting and hand-plotting capability and output to VRML 1.0, DXF, HPGL, or Carlson plotters. Includes sample designs and Word 6.0 manual. User Gavin Atkin offers a tutorial. Includes Atkins Oarmouse plans and Ed Bachmann’s Excel tool.

A pair of free mast design programs for round wooden masts – one to develop strakes for round masts and another to calculate mast size and strength for stayed and unstayed rigs based on sail area and wood types. The second program is by Robert Tyrrell.
Carene 40/50, a shareware boat hull design program for plywood or sheet metal construction by Robert Laine.