Micro Perf Laser Drilled Tops


Micro Perforated – Laser Drilled Tops
$Price / linear ft.


Laser drilled tops have ultra small holes. Semi-self healing material available cut to width in continuous rolls. Average life is 2-3 years depending on use. Designed for preventing “hangers” that can occur when the blade rolls over a hole in the plastic cutting surface. Ideal for a production setting where quick part removal is essential for achieving production times. Used in the upholstery industry. $200/ linear ft for widths up to 74″ wide. For widths over 74″ please call us for a quote at 918.438.8344

Recommended Blades:

  • All Rotary
  • Shallow Drag

Due to material size, we will follow up any order with a freight shipping quote.


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